1. The Chamber is organized to enhance the well – being of the business community of the Economic Zones in Mactan and Cebu. All necessary means of promotion and development as provided for in the purposes cited in the Articles of Incorporation shall be undertaken with particular attention given to the interests of all commercial, industrial and service sectors in the area.


2. The Chamber shall foster closer relations, understanding and cooperation among the exporters and manufacturers of its membership by unifying them into one strong and solid group for the better enhancement of economic growth and development of the area. It shall serve as the forum for the development of a consensus of the business community on matters of economic significance. It shall articulate the views, judgments, sentiments and combined wisdom of the local business community in Mactan and Cebu.


3. The Chamber shall initiate, submit, recommend and assist in the formulation, development, implementation and evaluation of plans, policies, programs and all other activities that will promote and enhance the interests and growth of private business, consistent with the concerns, welfare and social development of the general public, and the country’s welfare and social development of the general public, and the country’s developmental objectives. It shall act as the primary liaison and channel of communication on matters and issues, which are the common concerns to the business community, the government and general public.


4. The Chamber shall conduct, assist in, and encourage the compilation of data, research and studies for use in the formulation and development of socio-economic plans, policies, programs and related activities.


5. The Chamber shall promote self-regulation among its members and provide for mediation and arbitration for prompt settlement of domestic and international business disputes, including Labor-Management issues, and for this purpose, shall avail itself of the appropriate expertise as necessary.

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